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Artists to watch:
• Shepard Fairey [ obeygiant.com ]
• Lorien Eck [ lorieneck.com ]
• Deborah Krall [ motherart.org ]
• Nicola Lamb [ nicolalambvisualartist.com ]
• Isabel Martinez [ unamusa.com ]

• Michael Blasi [ michaelblasi.com ]
• Mark Steven Greenfield [ markstevengreenfield.com ]
• Joan Dooley [ joandooley.carbonmade.com ]
• Bradley Greer
• Katherine Ng

• Dirt CoBain
• Brandy Alexander
• Frank Martinez 
• Kim Baylyff

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  "The arts are a fundamentally important part of culture, and an education without them is an impoverished education leading to an impoverished society. Studying the arts should not have to be justified in terms of anything else…. they are time-honored ways of learning, knowing, and expressing."  

- Lois Hetland, Ellen Winner

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